Irish writer Nuala O’Connor’s sixth novel, SEABORNE, will be published April 2024, by New Island. Her bestselling novel NORA, about Nora Barnacle and James Joyce, was named a Top 10 historical novel in the New York Times and was the One Dublin One Book choice for 2022.

You can pre-order SEABORNE here.

Estonian ed. – out March 2023

Praise for NORA:

‘NORA is entirely convincing in her raw sensuality, her stubborn determination, her powerful sense of grievance and her inability to stop loving a deeply erratic, wildly manipulative yet enormously talented man.’ New York Times

‘A lively and loving paean to the indomitable Nora Barnacle.’ Edna O’Brien

‘An exceptional novel by one of the most brilliant contemporary Irish writers, this is a story of love in all its many seasons, from ardent sexuality to companionable tenderness, through strength, challenge and courage.  Nuala O’Connor has brought to vivid life a woman about whom every literature lover has surely wondered and has done so with immense skill and daring. ‘ Joseph O’Connor, author of Star of the Sea and Shadowplay.

‘What author Nuala O’Connor attempts in her novel “Nora” may be considered sacrilege by some. What she achieves is serene…at the risk of upsetting the Joyceans further, I defy them to read the first chapter of “Nora” and not be enraptured and more than a little titillated. O’Connor’s mastery is not limited to the first chapter, and she is able to tug emotion from the novel’s closing chapters …when his sudden demise arrives, it is gut-wrenching through Nora’s loving eyes and leaves the reader staggered.’ Free-Lance Star

‘An engaging portrait that reveals in lush detail how Barnacle’s life must have been.’ Toronto Star

‘Nora by Nuala O’Connor is marvelous…O’Connor has the literary chops to get the job done. Her lyrical style and Irish colloquialisms capture the essence of the [Joyces’] feelings for each other as well for their home country.’ Historical Novels Review

‘[a] poignant, comprehensive portrait of Nora Barnacle…narrated in Nora’s robust voice and carried by details saturated in filth … O’Connor’s admirable accomplishment adds to the abundant Joyceana with a moving examination of an unforgettable family. ‘ Publishers Weekly

‘…a lively portrait of James Joyce’s wife and muse, Nora Barnacle Joyce. O’Connor has a musical ear for language; Joyce and Nora never seem to lose their lilt.’ Vogue USA

‘…an earthy and authentic love letter to Irish literature’s greatest muse.’ The Irish Times

Nora brings Barnacle’s unflinching loyalty and passion to life.’ Sunday Independent

‘In sensuous, resonant prose, Nuala O’Connor has conjured the definitive portrait of this strong, passionate and loyal Irishwoman. Nora is a tour de force, an earthy and authentic love letter to Irish literature’s greatest muse.’ Books Ireland

‘[Nora] a bold, freethinking, uneducated girl from a poor Galway background, narrates this biographical saga in evocative Irish tones…O’Connor’s Joyce is “a man the same as any other, with all a man’s frauds and faults,” according to Nora. She emerges as his rock, the prose to his poetry. O’Connor’s lengthy, indulgent portrait of a marriage forefronts the robust, devoted woman who kept the show on the road.’ Kirkus Reviews