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Irish writer Nuala O’Connor’s sixth novel, SEABORNE, will be published April 2024, by New Island. Her bestselling novel NORA, about Nora Barnacle and James Joyce, was named a Top 10 historical novel in the New York Times and was the One Dublin One Book choice for 2022.

You can pre-order SEABORNE here.

Advance praise for SEABORNE:

‘Readers can hear the snap of sails and smell the tang of sea salt in this immersive novel about the buccaneering Anne Bonny – an irrepressible and irresistible protagonist.’


‘SEABORNE is a rollicking triumph of passion, and a powerful portrayal of Irish pirate, Anne Bonny––a true original. Faultless in tone, this novel is a wonderfully rendered reimagining of a great historical figure, and confirms (what I already knew) that O’Connor is one of Ireland’s leading historical novelists. Filled with desire, ambition, bravery and soul, this novel is a wonderful achievement.’


‘What an immense pleasure it was to read and what a gorgeous and perfect ending. I love how Nuala has given a full fictive life to this incredible woman, and the women she loved, showing us how ‘they cut their own paths. Knew their hearts.’ This book, like Anne’s life, is a fabulous voyage, a wonderful, buoyant tale, sublimely imagined and beautifully told.’