To The World Of Men, Welcome

‘Ní Chonchúir is an Irish poet whose work is both sensual and provocative, she bares her soul and examines the world around her in visceral and challenging ways.’

Marc Schuster, Small Press Reviews

To The World of Men, Welcome, her second collection, has an air of professionalism and competence, which is the least she deserves: she is a real writer. Prevailing theme of these sixteen pieces is how relationships break up, and they are brimming with sensuality, art, secrets and loss. A Pauline Bewick painting is used on the jacket and depicts what not many publishers would allow on their jackets but like Ní Chonchúir’s work, it is done so beautifully that nobody could take offence.’


‘A bright and fresh collection of short stories exploring the promises and disappointments of love and relationships, this is a slightly and delightfully irreverent book full of female sensitivity and humour. The stories are bright and yet carry a deep sense of reality that brings the reader down to earth now and then. The economic use of language leaves as much unsaid as said and adds another level to the quality of the book.’


‘Ní Chonchúir’s gift with story-telling goes beyond the flat visuals of words on paper and describes an individual world in each story. In her second collection of short stories, she establishes herself as a writer who is committed to peeling back the veneer of ordinary lives to display the sometimes unfathomable choices people make and the collaborative cruelty in love relationships.’


‘beautifully crafted. The language is often a joy to absorb’ ‘the descriptions of landscapes were superb.’


To The World of Men, Welcome is so packed with life that when it came to its end it felt like being thrown out of a good party. These are strong stories and Ní Chonchúir has definitely found her feet.’